Tom Petty And Joe Walsh Hit Newark For The Heartbreakers’ 40th Anniversary Tour

Two songs into a Friday evening set at Newark’s Prudential Center, Tom Petty peered into the packed arena. The 66-year-old singer referenced a vinyl record and said that he and the Heartbreakers would drop a needle at different points of their career as they brought their 40th Anniversary Tour to New Jersey. Petty and the... Continue Reading →

Netflix Documentary The Keepers Offers Sobering Truths

The Keepers is a true-crime documentary that goes far beyond the normal composition of most films within its genre. A murdered nun, sexual abuse, and decades of deceit are the central topics of the Netflix miniseries that is far from a traditional whodunnit. The Keepersoffers a sobering look at the corrupt cultures within long-established institutions... Continue Reading →

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