Philadelphia Orchestra Turns Mann Into The Best Movie Theater In Philly

The Mann Center for the Performing Arts has been the City of Brotherly Love’s summer residence for the Philadelphia Orchestra since 1976. Following its bicentennial debut, the amphitheater has hosted the esteemed symphony and a cavalcade of artists ranging from Ella Fitzgerald to Squeeze. Since 2010 the Philadelphia Orchestra has gradually turned the Fairmount Park... Continue Reading →

Flat Circle Interview With Philadelphia Podcast Festival Co-Founder Teagan Kuruna

The 5th Annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival takes place from July 14-23. Festival co-founder Teagan Kuruna (founded with Nathan Kuruna) answered a few questions about this year’s festival, podcasts, and her own podcast Teagan Goes Vegan: The Philadelphia Podcast Festival is organized by the Philadelphia Podcasting Society. What are the goals the Philadelphia Podcasting Society has... Continue Reading →

2017 Philadelphia Podcast Festival Presents Great Opportunities For Podcasters And Fans

Podcasts are the fastest-growing medium in entertainment. With over a billion listeners devoting significant amounts of time to podcasts, the format has grown rapidly since its debut. And why not? There are so many different niches explored by podcasts that there can be dozens of podcasts for almost any topic of major or minute interest. From... Continue Reading →

Netflix Documentary The Keepers Offers Sobering Truths

The Keepers is a true-crime documentary that goes far beyond the normal composition of most films within its genre. A murdered nun, sexual abuse, and decades of deceit are the central topics of the Netflix miniseries that is far from a traditional whodunnit. The Keepers offers a sobering look at the corrupt cultures within long-established institutions... Continue Reading →

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